I am really glad to meet you! I will try to explain briefly how we could help you feel AND BE much healthier, though the limited space here wouldn't allow for too much boring details.

Posttraumatic conditions, post-surgery rehabilitation, chronic problems with the musculoskeletal system, sports and industry induced trauma and all pathological conditions dealing with the motive body functions are all and always a serious reason to be at least alerted.

We always try to optimally combine the methods of modern medical practice with the traditional treatment approaches.

At the "Therapy Methods" page you will find a detailed description of the self-explaining title and what we have accepted as most effective methodology.

It's quite difficult to describe a person, especially when it comes to his/her professional achievements. I'll omit listing of diplomas, pro licenses, certificates because they don't actually form real reputation. The happy patients who are healed are what it takes!

Manual Therapy

Chiropractics can often be dubbed manual therapy over different European countries. Specific techniques are used to impact the musculoskeletal system in order to achieve mobilization, activisation or healing stimulation depending on the particular patients' cases.


Acupuncture (from Lat. acus, "needle" (noun), and pungere, "prick" (verb)) or in Standard Mandarin, zhēn jiǔ (針灸 lit: needle - moxibustion) is a technique of inserting and manipulating filiform needles into "acupuncture points" on the body. According to acupuncture theory, this will restore health and well-being, and is particularly good at treating pain. The definition and characterization of these points is standardized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China and is most commonly associated with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Different types of acupuncture (Japanese, Korean, and classical Chinese acupuncture) are practiced and taught throughout the world.

Laser Therapy

The laser-based treatment is a modern alternative to classical acupuncture and is especially applicable in cases when patients can't stand or feel uncomfortable in close proximity of needles. The effect is almost identical and even higher in certain cases. When combined with traditional acupuncture the laser therapy can be a powerful healing tool, known as hybrid acupuncture.


Another variety of the traditional acupuncture where the needles serve also as electrodes for healing electro-stimulation.

Post-surgery conditions of the musculoskeletal system

All patients' conditions after surgical interventions into tendons, bones and muscles require special attitude and treatment in order to faster and fully recover. The widespread methods are often not efficient enough, although they can be really of great help.

to name just a few. Also anything dealing with temporary loss of physical fitness or other factors threatening your physical health.

Just a small example – right now, while you are reading this site your are exposed to severe danger being in a position which may cause traumatic behavior of your spine! Most computer specialists suffer from back pain – a secure sign of physical discomfort and lack of normal physical activity!

Chinese Massage

The main advantages of this method are checked and proved over the years. Chinese massage is often much more efficient than the European variety due to the deeper familiarity with the human anatomy as well as the interaction with some important external energetic fields.


In some cases we apply certain methods such as ultrasound treatment, electro-stimulation and analgesic stimulation (TENS)




We are not talking about equal opportunity but instead we prefer to stress on the strictly individualized approach depending on the patient's needs.

Nevertheless, we consider it to be a serious compliment that quite an impressive list of celebrities and VIPs are among our regular patients. People whose professional endeavors often rely on their personal health status to let them withstand all the extreme physical and intellectual overloads. Yes, there is a lot in common between top athletes, actors, musicians, financial gurus, politicians, diplomats, scientists etc.

For obvious reasons we are not able to add a full list but here are some of the famous patients who have been fully recovered or healed thanks to the methodology we use.

During the recent years we have treated:


Numerous foreign diplomats working in Bulgaria (from USA, UK, Spain etc.)

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